Meet The Future

Apps are the future of business. Embrace them ahead of the curve and get an edge over your competition. We make the solution painless!

Custom Apps

Your app is matched to your company.

Everything from the colors to the icon.

Easy to Deliver

Our apps are distributed right from your website, no lengthy approval process or restrictions.


We Check Your Site

Your site is carefully reviewed to ensure we collect and highlight only the most important information about your business and services.

Speedy Turnaround

It is our goal to deliver each and every app in a week or less. However, our projected time is 1-2 weeks, to give room for exceptions.

Customer Reaction

There are only a handful of medium-sized businesses who can point to an app and say "that's ours!". You have the unique opportunity to be one.

Up Your Searches

Every day people search for services. With our app designs, you will be right there when they check their phone. Your business can be a touch away for customers!


What We Do

New Star Apps™ was founded by a small group of website designers who saw the need for affordable and quick-designed apps. Within a month of making the decision to step into the app market, we launched our first 2 apps for HostArmor™ and Lestat International™.

  • Certified website designers
  • Icon design included
  • Your choice of color scheme
  • Free QR code for downloading
  • Free upload to your website
See how easy launching an app can be